Be Strong and Flexible

The Power of Breath Work

This book, as stated in the title, is crafted to deliver information on what is mindfulness meditation and how to meditate at an introductory level. It is extremely important to observe the information that was previously held secret and presented in complicated ways, and to simplify it to be reasonably understandable.

I wanted to teach Mindfulness Meditation in a way that is simple, clear and that could be embraced and understood by everyone, without any religious or cultural interference that can be challenging for some, or oppositely can be a source of deep meaning for others. I know, through my personal experience and professional insight, that practicing mindfulness in a neutral position without any religious interference, in its simple, and practical ways have helped transform the lives of thousands of people around the world.

It is my strong belief that those who wish to learn and experience the esoteric and spiritual benefits of meditation will be guided to, and will find, that which they sincerely seek. This book is based on real-life experiences of the author that offers step-by-step exercises to practice daily and live fully.

In this practical book, discover tools to awaken your senses and reconnect with yourself: The foundation of mindfulness meditation (the origins of the practice, the discoveries of neuroscientists):

  • The benefits of mindfulness daily (the effects of mindfulness on stress and the balance between body and mind, prevention of depression, role controlling pain)
  • Tips for practicing mindfulness meditation (posture, attitude, letting go
  • Exercises to test every day to develop mindfulness (breathing, sitting, 5 senses, body awareness, awareness of thoughts and emotions, meditative walking, how to spot autopilot
  • Advice to manage obstacles (lack of time, lack of motivation, fatigue)
  • What mindfulness is, how it works, and how you can enrich your life through practicing it
  • How to start, by regular mindfulness meditation, to act instead of reacting
  • Habits that are not good for you and how you can change them with mindfulness


The content of this eBook, including but not limited to, the text, graphics, images and other material, are for informational purposes only. Reliance on any information provided herein is solely at your own risk. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment related to or in defence against any virus, infectious disease or medical condition, such as acute depression, attention problems, recurrent panic attacks, unstable bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders (hallucinations, delusions), acute dissociative, or psychological states (physical, emotional or sexual abuse), etc. Mindfulness meditation in no way replaces medical treatment. You should always consult a physician or qualified healthcare practitioner before embarking on a new treatment, diet, or fitness program. To be clear, this eBook’s content does not constitute medical or professional advice. Results from following this eBook’s recommendations or examples are not necessarily typical and may vary between different individuals due to differences in personal exercise history, genetics, age, sex, motivation, and other factors. The information in this book comes from my own experiences and research, books, articles, and information on the subjects/items.

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